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Judith Corachán «The Embrunman is a very very hard triathlon that tests you every kilometer»

Triathlete Judith Corachán yesterday achieved the triumph in the mythical Embrunman, one of the most important triathlons in the world of long distance.

triathlete Judith Corachán yesterday achieved the triumph in the mythical Embrunman, one of the most important triathlons in the world of long distance.

El Embrunman It consists of 232 kilometers, 3,8km of swimming in Lake Embrun, 188km of cycling in the full French Alps crowned with the mythical L´Izoard at 2.360m altitude and a hard marathon around the town of Embrun.

Judith Corachán She was the first triathlete to complete the swimming segment with a time of 54: 49. After little by little they did the rest of the triathletes, all individually. The Australian Maredith Hill was second to 1'30 », third was the Swiss Emma Bilham to 2 ′, fourth the French Annabelle Dietre to 2'10», fifth the Belgian Tine Deckers to 3'12 »and sixth her compatriot Alexandra Tondeur to 7'20 ».

From the first kilometers of cycling Judith began to increase the difference with all triathletes, except for Tine Deckers who was slowly cutting time with Judith. Around the kilometer 80, just before starting to climb the Izoard Deckers Coll reached Judith and placed test leader.

At the top of the Izoard at km 98 Judith was second to 4 ′ of the Belgian. Third on top was the Australian Hill to 1'30 'by Judith and fourth the Swiss Bilham to more than 3' from the Spanish triathlete.

In the second part of the cycling segment the differences remained between Deckers and Judith. The Belgian came first to the second transition with a total time of 7: 31: 05, while Judith did it almost 6 ′ from her. Third was the Australian Hill to 7 ′ from Judith and fourth the Belgian Tondeur to more than 8 ′.

In the race on foot the pace of Deckers decreased while Judith stood firm and little by little the Catalan was cutting time until around kilometer 28 Judith reached the Deckers and placed leader.

Finally victory for Judith Corachán with 10: 54: 07, the only woman to come down from the 11h. Second in goal was the Belgian Tine Deckers with 11: 00: 30 and third her compatriot Alexandra Tondeur with 11: 05: 57.

Judith has achieved the best victory of his sports career with the triumph in Embrunman.

The Catalan triathlete season is possibly the best in the history of a Spanish triathlete, 4ª in the 70.3 of Dubai and qualified for the World Cup in Nice, 1ª in the Challenge Salou winning many world elite triathletes, silver medal at the Pontevedra World Cup of LD, 1ª in the Zarautz Triathlon after falling by bike, 1ª in the Bizkaia Triathlon, 3ª in the Ironman Vitoria (after unfair sanction and puncture) and finally 1ª in Embrunman ... and he still has to play the Nice IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in September.

3 podiums of 4 long distance testing, Judith consolidates

With this last result Judith has demonstrated its consolidation in the long run, since of the four completed LD tests, she has managed to get on the podium in three of them, 1ª and 3ª in Embrunman (2018 and 2019), 3ª in IM Vitoria and fourth in IM Taiwan.

»It is a very hard triathlon that tests you every kilometer»

After his victory at Embrunman Judith has been very happy and grateful: “I can not be happier with what we experienced today. I have suffered a lot.

It is a very very hard triathlon that puts you to the test at every kilometer, but I have managed to manage it very well and with all the help I have had from the spirits of my friends, family and the public, I have succeeded.

A super important victory for me! This means a lot. I also can't forget to always thank the support of all my sponsors who help me throughout the season. ”

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