The Spanish team in the top 10 of the European Youth

The Spanish triathlon relay team in the Youth category, has managed to stay in the Top 10 of the test, in addition to advancing one position compared to last year, in the European Youth Triathlon Championship held this weekend in Tours (France )

As in the Youth Women's Category, France, Great Britain and Hungary have led the top three positions on the podium. In the Men's category, Great Britain managed to enter the finish line in first position with a total time of 1:25:02, in a very tight race, Benson, the last relay of the English team, took this position thanks to the excellent foot race . France came second with a total time of 1:25:10 and Hungary 1:25:25.

The Spanish team was represented by Aleix Domenech, Genis Grau and Antonio Benito. During the test, each member of the team had to complete a circuit of 350 meters in swimming, 9 kilometers in the cycling segment and 2,5 kilometers of running on foot.

TOP 10 in Male Youth Category

1 GREAT BRITAIN 01: 25: 02
2 FRANCE 01: 25: 10
3 HUNGARY 01: 25: 25
4 DENMARK 01: 25: 40
5 NORWAY 01: 25: 44
7 SPAIN 01: 27: 08
8 ITALY 01: 28: 02
9 BELGIUM 01: 28: 13
10 PORTUGAL 01: 28: 15

All results:

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