The triathlon format could change at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

They are considering having tests with a more dynamic format, which can have semifinals and finals like the rest of the sports

In an interview with Marisol Married, President of the ITU and member of the IOC in the newspaper, comments the possibility of changing the format of the tests for the Olympic Games in Paris in the 2024 year.

We have already seen for a long time in the WTS, the test by mixed relay, very spectacular for fans, where next year will debut as an Olympic test in Tokyo 2020.

In addition to this format, there is a circuit Super League Triatlhlon with rapid and eliminatory tests and the EUTU (European Triathlon Federation) has tested this year with the first Indoor Triathlon European Cup in Lievin, where a format of qualifying tests, repechages, semifinals and the grand final was made.

This format is the one that seems to indicate that it could be used for the Paris tests, according to Marisol in the interview

Married: "Our partners ask us for more dynamic and short appointments, and in Paris 2024 there will be changes"

The Olympic distance lasts two hours, but the Tokyo 2020 we will introduce mixed relays, that will be much shorter, of one hour and quarter of duration. And there are possibilities that this will continue to vary because that is what the Olympic Games organizations and other appointments are asking us to not occupy the streets for so long.

It is likely that for Paris 2024 come out with another more dynamic format, it can have semifinals and finals like the rest of the sports, and in the end the total does not pass the time. It is something that the media also recommends us.

Married: "We find it difficult to have large audiences in a physically active collective"

Marisol Casado became the 2010 year in the first woman member of the International Olympic Committee (COI), which has led him to integrate commissions such as the Women and Sports and the Coordination of the Paris Olympic Games 2024.

While continuing to work to promote the values ​​of the Olympic movement, Casado has led the triathlon roadmap in the international arena, a discipline that has experienced a practice and monitoring boom.

The international triathlon federation was created at 1989 and at 1994 the IOC gave its approval to enter the Sydney Olympic program 2000, the first time it was included in the Olympic Games

Married: One of the most important things we have is that we have invested for years in having our own television over the Internet

We always try to make changes and innovate to attend to what the young public is asking for at this moment. One of the most important things we have is that we have invested for years in having own television over the Internet. This year we have partnered with Infront to have a stronger OTT that allows us to generate more audience.

We have an audience that sees little television, it is difficult for us to have large audiences in a physically active collective. There we have a very large margin for improvement. But, even so, after ten years of work, is increasing the number of channels that broadcast live triathlon, in China we are focusing on increasing the fan base, and we are very much in agreement with the Wold Triathlon Series.

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