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The great gesture of Iker Karrera with a rival in competition

He left him some slippers since he had broken them on the way.

Yesterday, the Trail Valle de Tena was held in Panticosa where the Trail Running Iker Karrera has shown his great sportsmanship

Iker was third in the 8K test after 3 years without competing, and in a gesture of great sportsmanship gave some sneakers to a runner who was coming from behind and that they were broken.

In the video you can see the moment where he commented to the organization that they leave the shoes to the colleague.

Quite a gesture.

Iker Karrera is one of the great runners of the Trail Running of our country,  he has won events such as the Tor des Géants, Transvulcania, Lavaredo Ultra-Trail or Transalpine Run among other records. He left professional sports in 2018.

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