The Ironman of Arizona, next goal of Eneko Llanos

El triathlete sponsored by BH will conclude the season by participating in the Arizona Ironman, which will take place in Tempe on November 20, with the aim of adding points to Kona 2012. "I will arrive in good shape, the goal is to enjoy the race, compete with good feelings and get points for the Kona ranking," Eneko explains via twitter.

The race consists of 3,8 km. swimming at Tempe Town Lake, followed by a 180 km cycle sector. in the surroundings of the Sonoran Desert with a 42,2 km stretch of running. around Tempe Town Lake and Papago Park.

“I don't want to end the year without finishing a Ironman and without having a single point in the ranking for Kona 2012, so after studying the calendar it was clear that the test that suited me best was the Arizona Ironman During these weeks I will prepare carefully to conclude the season giving my best and put a good finishing touch on this 2011 ”, the triathlete also comments on his website.

“Our base of operations during these days will be Tucson, one of the new meccas of the triathlon, since there are many professionals who come here to spend the winter, because the conditions of training They are perfect, with clear skies and good temperatures, excellent roads both for rolling on the plains and uphill (Mt. Lemonn with 42 km of ascent), lots of cycling groups to ride with, groups of masters for swimming and excellent conditions for the foot race ”, he argues.

Satisfied with the XTerra

Eneko has also used the latest post on its website to take stock of its participation in the XTerra World Championship, where he achieved third place. "I am super happy, a third place in the Xterra World Championship with the quality of the rivals that there was is difficult to achieve, especially considering the little specific preparation that I could do for this championship," he says.

“The Xterra is not only force and resistance, many factors come into play, it is easy to make mistakes when competing out of the asphalt with the beats at a thousand per hour, technique, skill and the ability to make the right decisions are a fundamental part to avoid mistakes that in the end add seconds and eliminate the possibility of climbing positions in the general, ”explains the triathlete sponsored by BH .

"Next year I will be on the starting line again, surely to fight for him again. Hawaiian double That this year could not be like that, but I enjoyed the Xterra like never before and the great atmosphere that exists during this weekend in Maui ”, concludes Eneko.


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