The Italian Degasperi prevails in the Ironman of Lanzarote. Miquel Blanchart fourth

Degasperi becomes the first Italian to win the Ironman of Lanzarote


The morning was quite calm inside the "microclimate" that has Puerto del Carmen, with the sea practically flat and with hardly any wind although these climatic conditions were obviously going to change soon.

The first to step on land after the 3'8km of swimming was the New Zealander Mark Oude Bennink although a few seconds away from the water came a stretched group with the German Kramer, the Belgian Jammaer, the British Will, the Spaniard Blanchart and several other triathletes. A little further back to almost 3 'of this group ended the Italian swimming Degasperi, the Austrian Herlbauer and the Czech Baertsch.

Ironman Lanzarote Canarias Triathlon Spain Preview: Alessandro Degasperi wins the Ironman Lanzarote. Miquel Blanchart fourth.

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Soon in the first kms of cycling there is a quartet led by Kramer and Jammaer who pedal together until mid-cycle. Behind them Blanchart was slowly losing time but managing very well, on the 70 km in La Salta Degasperi and Baertsch hunt Blanchart.

Miquel Blanchar in Lanzarote ironman cycling

The section of Famara until the Viewpoint of Haría It is very hard because of the typical strong north wind that blew, there were flat stretches where the triathletes looked like they were going up steep slopes with the small plate ... but no, it was just that Eolo did not want to miss the ironman and did his.

During this stretch is where the race breaks ... Kramer puts land in the middle and goes alone, followed by Jammaer to 3 'and after them the New Zealander Crawford (who would explode in the marathon).

The section of the descent from the Mirador del Río to Tahiche we had the privilege of following on a motorcycle of the organization the recital of "another motorcycle" the Italian DegasperiWho in some sections he has shot more than ¡90 km / h !!! Degasperi was about to be run over by a van that circulated on the road (there are areas of the route that are not cut to traffic) and we have witnessed in the first person of that incident, although thanks to the skill of the Italian everything has been stayed in a scare. At km 150 Kramer was still leading, with 3 'ahead of Jammaer, 8'30 passed Crawdord.

Almost 10 'leader had run out of control Degasperi as if he still had a marathon to run, along with Clarke, and an 1' of them managing very well circulated another of the "lifts" of the day, Baertsch and further back to almost 17 'of the Blanchart head. In the last 30km the leaders pay the effort and the persecutors cut them several minutes.

Chistian Kramer is the first to arrive at the T2 with a bike time of 5h5m52s (the "best" but partial cyclist of recent years ... which gave an idea of ​​the damage that the wind had done). After the Jammaer enters the T2 to 4 ', and a few minutes later do Degasperi and Baertsh.

Kramer faces the marathon with some very conservative first kms which causes Degasperi to eat a lot of ground quickly. On the other hand Jammaer begins to pay the effort of the bike and his podium options vanish. Further back Blanchart that was lowered in 7ª position of the bike, begins to overcome little by little.

After the half marathon Kramer realizes the Italian comeback and accelerates the pace ... during 10kms the difference between them stagnates around the minutes and a half, but finally Degasperi takes the cat to the water, hunting Kramer around the 35 km and He goes in search of glory at the goal of Puerto del Carmen.

Finally Alexander Degasperi is the first Italian to win in the XXIV edition of the Lanzarote Ironman with a time of 8h56m50s with a race of less to more, after the 2m30s enters the German Christian Kramer and closes the podium the Swiss Mauro Baertsh to almost 9 'of the winner. In fourth position enters Miquel Blanchart giving everything with the second partial on foot. Finally, in 5 position comes one of the myths of "The Island" Bert Jammaer, who thus puts an end to his career as a professional triathlete.

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