The Tokyo marathon leaves 37.000 runners out for the coronavirus

More than 37.000 people will remain without participating. The professional career is maintained

According to the country, the organizers of the Tokyo marathon have decided to exclude more than 37.000 amateur runners who had already registered in the test in fear of the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

Only elite runners may participate

The competition solo will have elite runners, as reported by the Japanese news agency Kiodo.

The marathon of the Japanese capital, which is the largest in Asia, will be held on March 1.

The sources have explained that of the total of 38.000 runners already listed, the organizers have decided to refuse the participation in the marathon of all those who are in the category of "general participants" before the fear that the coronavirus outbreak will spread originated in China.

The money will not be returned

It seems to be that the organization will not return in registration money, although they have promised to postpone their number for the year 2021.

This will entail serious expenses for the participants, since it is a test with a multitude of foreign participants

6 months for the Olympic Games

Less than six months before the Tokyo Olympic Games, the organizers of the Olympic event have shown their concern about the rapid spread of coronavirus and for the possibility that it may have consequences in the sporting event, which will take place from July 24 to August 9.

More than 70.000 people infected

To date, the outbreak of coronavirus originating in the city of Wuhan, in the province of Hubei, in central China, has killed more than 1.700 people and has left more than 70.000 people infected.

The organizers of the Tokyo marathon initially asked the runners from China not to participate in the test, with the promise of allowing them to participate the following year.

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