The Marcel Zamora Recuperation Sport Tricamp celebrates its second edition

From March 8 to 11, the MZ Recuperation Sport Tricamp returns, this time in the Barcelona city of Calella de Mar. The nutritional energy drink for athletes will once again give its full support to this meeting for triathletes. Marcel Zamora and Recuperation Sport present the second edition of the Tricamp project, a meeting between athletes in Calella de Mar (Barcelona) to enjoy four days of training, fun and activities related to the world of triathlon. In a personalized environment that allows all the doubts and comments of each of the participants to be dealt with in depth and in first person, so that each participant can thus get the most out of this event.


It is an initiative of Marcel Zamora and Álvaro Rancé with the collaboration of the nutritional drink Recuperation Sport from Esteve. The first edition was held in July of last year in La Cerdanya with a great success of participation.

This success raised the idea of ​​repeating it and the MZ Recuperation Sport Tricamp returns this year. From March 8 to 11, the triathletes who sign up will have the opportunity to experience the intensity of training with professionals like Zamora and Rancé, share unique experiences and benefit from the qualities of Recuperation Sport before, during and after training. .

Marcel Zamora Recuperation Sport TriCamp in Calella de Mar
The sea of ​​the Maresme coast, the promenade and the streets of Calella will be the new settings for the second edition of Tricamp that is being prepared by the ambassador of Recuperation Sport, Marcel Zamora, where the participating triathletes will swim, run and cycle . On this occasion, the theory explanations will be combined with the practice of the three sports that make up the triathlon. In addition, conferences will be given to exchange experiences and learn new concepts. Topics on the diet of a professional athlete, feeding and hydration guidelines, as well as more technical topics such as the correct execution of exercises, sponsors' material tests, training models or planning a season will be covered.

Marcel Zamora, five times champion of the Nice IronMan, develops this project with the aim of guiding those athletes who are interested in triathlon. In this event, various round tables will be organized in order to share experiences in first person with Marcel Zamora.

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