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The most extreme swimming world championship: water at 4 degrees ... and without wetsuit

2.000 swimmers have participated in this icy water world cup

We echo this news published by the sixth, where they tell us that a swimming world championship has been held in Slovenia, but in icy waters.

2.000 swimmers have participated in this World Cup that has been held at Lake Bled (Slovenia) at six degrees below and with four degrees in the water.

Swimming at these temperatures, a risk something

Swimming with the water temperature 4 degrees below zero is quite a challenge, in addition to the risk involved.

The tests cannot exceed 1.000 meters, since the lives of the swimmers would be endangered.

The distances of the competition

In the championship there are freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly tests at the following distances:

  • 25 meters
  • 50 meters
  • 100 meters
  • 200 meters
  • 450 meters
  • 1.000 meters

Swim without wetsuit

Participants of this championship cannot wear neoprene. The organization forces all swimmers to warm up before starting the test and once they finish too

Swimmers relax in small pools with hot water after swimming in freezing waters

More information about the event:

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