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Paratriathlon will have a test record for the 2014 with a view to the 2016 River

The ITU (International Triathlon Union) has confirmed 10 Paratriathlon tests. for the 2014 calendar

Next season a record number of international events will be held. Paratriathlon that is preparing to debut in the Olympic Games 2016.

International Paratriathlon events confirmed:

  • ITU Elwood 2014, (AUS): February 16
  • ITU Yokohama 2014, (JPN): May 17
  • ITU Besançon 2014, (FRA): May 25
  • ITU London 2014, (GBR): 30 for May -1 for June
  • ITU Chicago 2014, (USA): 28-29 June
  • ITU Lago d'Iseo 2014 (ITA): 4-5 for July

ITU expects to add four more races to the calendar, one in Europe, two in the Americas and one in Oceania.

In addition to the international Paratriathlon events, four Continental Championships have been confirmed, although it is expected to include one in each continent, pending the confirmation of Asia.

Continental Championships to date:

  • Oceania Paratriathlon Championship OTU Penryth 2014, (AUS): January 12
  • ATU Troutbeck 2014 African Paratriathlon Championship (ZIM): March 12-13
  • Paratriathlon Championship of the Americas PATCO Dallas 2014, (USA): 31 for May-1 for June
  • European Paratriathlon Championship ETU Kitzbuehel 2014, (AUT): 21-22 for June

The Paratriathlon season culminates with the World Championship in Edmonton, the 30 of August of 2014.

ITU photo

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