The ProTour FETRI of Pontevedra bets on the emotion in the eliminatory formats

It is a bet to bring together the best Spanish stars of our sport by eliminatory formats

El ProTour FETRI will gather the selection of 80 triathletes, forty women and forty men of international and national elite, the days October 12 and 13 in Pontevedra, will have an essential approach to the show that they are able to offer to the public at the venue and through the live broadcast to all the world the participating athletes.

The Spanish Triathlon Federation bets for the premiere of the largest gathering of Spanish stars of our sport by eliminatory formats that will not give respite to athletes or spectators in the two days of planned races.

After the Grand Final the complete list of professionals will be known

After the Grand Final of the World Series in Lausanne, Switzerland, the four men's and four women's places will be confirmed in Olympic ranking ranking function of the ITU, which together with the two places, one in each category, available to the headquarters and the Technical Director of the FETRI, will complete the list of international participants.

The 17 women and 17 men classified in the Spanish Sprint Triathlon Championship 2019 in Roquetas await company in some starting lists that will be closed with the classified in the Spanish Olympic Distance Triathlon Championship in A Coruña to celebrate the 28 and September 29th. Triathletes already with a number and pending qualification know the challenge that awaits them in the spectacular setting and environment of Pontevedra.

The ProTour FETRI of Pontevedra bets on the emotion in the eliminatory formats, image002-5

On Saturday 12 will start the competition

On Saturday 12 of October the first tests will be held. In two races, female and male, the 40 classified in each category will face two SuperSprint distance triathlons consecutively and without rest between them.

At the end of each segment of the competition, which will be six in total, with repetition of each, there will be eliminated that will reduce the group of applicants to the points. They will start 40, end 15, after leaving spectacular images on the streets of Pontevedra and the Lérez River, especially in the second passage through the water.

On Sunday 13 in October, six races, three women's and three men's, will be held in the SuperSprint distance. The participating triathletes will be divided into two series of semifinals with 20 starting athletes, and they will classify the top ten positions for a final in which the points will be at stake for the ProTour FETRI medals and economic prizes.

It will be a format similar to the Championship of Spain SuperSprint by Clubs that has enjoyed great acceptance among the participants in recent years in the National League of Triathlon Clubs.

The great atmosphere in the streets of Pontevedra, around the Avenida de Buenos Aires and the Río Lérez is guaranteed in a city that overturns with the best triathlon.

The Galician city will be the ideal setting for the presentation of a competition that will show the Triathlon as it has never been seen in Spain both regular fans and new spectators, enhancing the image of triathletes with the best results of the country in the year ongoing both internationally and nationally.

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