The NutriSport August 12M12C solidarity project can be chosen by you

This August, the commitment YOU CHOOSE

NutriSport, Mark leader in sports supplementation, started in 2019 a new CSR solidarity project with the name 12 Months 12 Commitments.

12M12C covers a wide variety of activities, measures y ethical and transparent actionss that have been incorporated into the day-to-day business of the company to work a different commitment each month: the inclusion of the disabled, the environment, animal protection, education in underdeveloped countries, nutrition, are examples of some of the causes with which they collaborate, being a total of 12 non-profit entities of different nature throughout the year.

During the month of August, NutriSport leaves to the election of its followers and its employees the cause and the non-profit association to choose.

I want to collaborate too! How can I do it?

NutriSport will publish in their RRSS profiles (Instagram:@nutrisport_sa ; Facebook:@nutrisportES) an image on August 1 day in which all followers users can comment on the non-profit foundation or association they want to support.

Of all the comments, three foundations will be exposed by vote to the 150 workers of the company, so that the foundation that obtains a greater number of votes will be chosen to receive an economic contribution valued at € 500.

Participation Period:

From 1 to August 25 users can comment on the image published on August 1 on Instagram and Facebook.

From 26 to 30, NutriSport workers will vote among the finalists.

On August 30 from the official NutriSport account together with a special guest, an Instagram Live will be made so that the lucky foundation can be seen live.

Surely you know someone you would like to support and show your help.

El Proyecto solidario 12M12C del mes de Agosto de NutriSport lo puedes elegir tú ,image002-2

Discover all the 2019 commitments here!

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