The PSA Retail Port of Palma Triathlon Mallorca, canceled

The entry of a ship with dangerous goods in the port of Palma forces the Balearic Port Authority to activate a protocol that does not allow the dispute of the sporting event.

The organization of the PSA Retail Port of Palma Triathlon Mallorca it has been forced to take the drastic measure of canceling the test.

The reasons are given by the entry into the port of Palma of a ship with dangerous goods that forces the Port Authority to activate a protocol that does not allow the dispute of the competition.

Faced with this situation, both Elitechip and the Club Marathon Mallorca, event organizers, have presented different alternatives that They included change of route and schedules, finding at all times the negative response of the Port Authority.

The National Port Authority announced last Thursday the entry of this vessel whose dangerous merchandise and peculiarities forced it to moor near the area where the triathlon was to be held.

Therefore, and based on a 1964 law, according to the Port Authority staff, the test cannot be carried out.

 The organization puts the safety of the participants first and that is why it has looked for alternatives that adapt to the reality of the area where it is disputed, understanding that road traffic is much denser at other times of the day and looking for options that give priority to vehicles, but the Port Authority has rejected encouraging the event to change the date, offering an alternative that did not guarantee the safety of the participants .

The lack of security and guarantees on the part of the Port Authority so that a test such as this case can be disputed that had more than 8 months fixed on the calendar before the arrival of the ship with dangerous goods was announced It has made the organizers desist from setting a new date due to the fear that the situation could repeat itself negatively, once again, on the participants who have prepared an appointment for months before which they have not wanted to assess alternatives.

Although the organization knows that this situation is not its fault, it regrets everything that happened especially to those people who had in the PSA Retail Port of Palma Triathlon Mallorca an appointment marked in red on your calendar.

Therefore, will offer a FULL RETURN of the registration to those who request it, or a FREE REGISTRATION for the short distance of the ARTIEM HALF MENORCA Triathlon which will be held in the Menorcan town of Fornells on September 19.

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