Saturday, XXVI edition of the Guadalajara Triathlon

Alejandro Santamaria, Jose Almagro, Alvaro Velazquez, Ivan Tejero or Salvador Gil, favorites to get the victory

Ana burgos, Estefanía Dominguez Cristina Azanza favorites in females.

On this occasion, the triathletes will have to swim 1900 meters in the Couple's Weir, take their bicycles and do the almost 90 km from that town to Guadalajara, making 5 marked climbs (Auñon, Alhondiga, Fuenteleviejo, Pinilla and Lupiana) and later, run 20 km around the Fuente de la Niña, Paseo San Roque and Adoratrices facilities. The start is scheduled at 14:00 p.m. at the aforementioned Azud and it is expected that the athletes will arrive in Guadalajara around 16:45 p.m. to start the running segment, estimating the entry into the finish line of the first after 18:00 p.m. 21 hours and the last around XNUMXpm.

The running area runs through the park near the Sonia Reyes Pool, Paseo San Roque, Santa Maria Micaela and Finish on the Athletics Tracks. Participation is around 230 triathletes, with a record of local participation representing 15% of registrants, a remarkable fact given the recognized toughness of this test.

As for the favorites, a beautiful show is expected, since the level is very high in this edition, with more than 10 strong candidates for victory, highlighting Alejandro Santamaria (5 times champion in Guadalajara), Jose Almagro (former cyclist and champion in Palmaces), Alvaro Velazquez, Ivan Tejero or Salvador Gil, without forgetting the Portuguese participation that always contributes its first figures (we will have the Portuguese Champion in Media Distance) or the local Carlos Pomar and Alberto Codinach who, in full preparation of the Cto. of the World in Hawaii, they do not want to miss the Guadalajara test.

In women, the favorite is the international triathlete immersed in the Olympic classification Ana Burgos, who already won in the last edition, but Estefanía Dominguez, Cristina Azanza or the local Yolanda Santos, will surely present a tough battle. Everything is already prepared from the organization of the Guadalajara Triathlon Club, which has the main sponsorship of the Hon. Guadalajara City Council, and the outstanding collaboration of the Provincial Council, also having the support of the Community Board and the City of Pareja and companies such as Proin Beacons, Coca Cola, Fontvella, Heavy Rent, Gesfrio, Alberto Doñoro Physiotherapy,…. .

And how could it be less for the structure of such a complicated test, we have the support of the Civil Guard, Local Police, Civil Protection and the Red Cross, and about 200 volunteers from different sports clubs in Guadalajara and surroundings, who collaborate effectively to that the test passes with the necessary security. We thank all of them for their collaboration. From the organization, we invite you all to enjoy the show that this test represents.


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