The White Triathlon, in the air

The Cantabrian Triathlon Federation will wait until Thursday, the day for which new precipitation in the form of snow is expected, to decide whether to continue or suspend the test

The snow this year is reluctant to stay in Alto Campoo and the thicknesses that accumulated last week have volatilized, once again preventing the opening of the winter center and leaving in the air the call for the White Triathlon, whose celebration is scheduled for this next Saturday.

The Cantabrian Triathlon Federation has set a deadline for next Thursday to confirm whether it maintains the call or suspends it. The forecasts with which Cantur and the Federation work suggest that they could fall between 10 and 20 centimeters on the night from Thursday to Friday, thicknesses that the organization trusts will be sufficient to be able to hold the test.

It is necessary to remember that the test consists of an initial segment of about 10 kilometers of running. Next, the participants will cycle the distance between Reinosa and Alto Campoo, with 24 kilometers of ascent. Finally, with the third and last of the sectors, the participants will face cross-country skiing. The intention is to cover 8 kilometers, but it will depend on the rainfall and the condition of the slopes.

If the long-awaited snow does not arrive by Thursday, the organization, in agreement with the Federation, plans to definitively suspend the triathlon in this year's edition, without the possibility of postponements. Nor would it be held in the duathlon modality (running and cycling)


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