The Verdon Triathlon will host Marcel Zamora

Marcel Zamora has confirmed his participation in the first edition of the Verdon Natureman Triathlon, which will be held in October's 7. The Barcelona will end his season 2012, in a wild and eco-responsible half-distance test.

- First edition of the Verdon Natureman Triathlon: October 7

- Last goal of the season for Marcel Zamora

- Natureman: the wildest version of triathlon



“We practice an outdoor sport, with 3 disciplines that take place in the middle of nature. Respecting the environment is an obligation ”… Marcel Zamora is clear about it: nature is part of the triathlete's experience. That is why the Verdon Triathlon, which runs through some of the most spectacular landscapes in France, has attracted the attention of the 5-time winner of the Nice Ironman. If we add the eco-responsible virtue of the event, focused on protecting the environment and stimulating the local economy, it didn't take more to convince Marcel.

For the most popular Spanish triathlete in France, nature is a unique playground. “I always prefer to train in the wild when possible. For me, it is the best way to disconnect, enjoying wild freedom ”. The practical aspect has not left the champion indifferent either: “every season I usually have the same big goals in Embrun and Nice. So I try to discover different events next to it. Due to its tough profile, its date and its accessibility from Barcelona, ​​I opted for the Verdon Triathlon as the last event of the year ”. Registration open to all nature and triathlon lovers.

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