The Enduroman triathlon arrives in Lanzarote this weekend

On February 4 and 5, the Enduroman triathlon festival is held in Lanzarote, with 228 registered triathletes, more than double that of the first edition, from all European countries and the United States, Guatemala, Colombia and South Africa.

Of them, 40 will compete in the Double Enduroman (swim, 7,6 km; bike, 360 km and run, 84,39 km), 9 in the Enduroman (swim, 3,8 km; bike, 180 km and run, 42,19 43 km), 1,9 in the Half Enduroman (swim, 90 km; bike, 21 km and run, 136 km) and 1,5 in the Olympic Enduroman (swim, 40 km; bike, 10 km and run, XNUMX km).


The festival will begin at 14:5 p.m. on Saturday when the swimming test for the Double Enduroman triathletes begins. On Sunday, February 8, at 12 am, the Enduroman modality (equivalent to an iron) will begin, two hours later the Half Enduroman modality and at XNUMX noon the Olympic competition.

The first Double triathlete is expected to finish the test between 14 and 15 p.m. on Sunday, since the winner of the first edition achieved it in 24 hours and 14 minutes, although they have 36 hours to do so.

That same afternoon the winners of the other three modalities will reach the finish line. The awards ceremony for the winners of the Medium and Olympic Enduroman will take place in the Playa Blanca square on Sunday afternoon, while the corresponding prizes for the winners of the different categories of the Double Enduroman and the Enduroman will be delivered on Monday the 6th. at 18:XNUMX p.m. at the Hotel Princesa Yaiza.

Thinking, especially, of the triathletes of the Olympic modality, the registration period remains open until this Thursday, February 2, because only two weeks ago it was known that the Canarian Triathlon Federation was in charge of the organization of the Fecantri Cup and that the Olympic Enduroman was the first test of 2012 scoring for this regional championship.

On the other hand, it is already confirmed that on Wednesday, February 1, the four triathletes of the Spanish Triathlon Team who will compete in the Olympic Enduroman will arrive on the island. These are the elite José Miguel Pérez and Zuriñe Rodríguez, who currently accumulate the necessary points to be able to attend the London 2012 Olympic Games, and the juniors Uxío Abuín and Melina Alonso. All of them will train daily on the routes chosen for the four segments:

The swimming segment for the Double Enduroman, Enduroman and Half Enduroman will be a triangle of 950 meters in perimeter marked with buoys in the waters of the town beach. Those of Half Enduman must do two laps, those of Enduroman four laps and those of Double Enduroman eight laps. The Olympic triathletes, in the same scenario, will have to cross a segment also triangular of 750 meters twice.

The bicycle segment for Double Enduroman, Enduroman and Half Enduroman will take place on a 30-kilometer round trip circuit that from the transition area in the center of the town of Playa Blanca will go along the Janubio road to the roundabout of La Hoya to, from there, continue along the road that borders the sea to Charco de Los Clicos.

Those of Double Enduroman will have to cross it 12 times, those of Enduroman, six times and those of Half Enduroman, three times. The Olympic Enduroman triathletes must follow the same route, but when they arrive at the Salinas de Janubio they will take a detour through La Hoya until the Yaiza roundabout where they will turn to return to the Salinas and, turning to the right, cover the section that separates this point with the Charco de Los Clicos.

The running segment will take place on a 2,630 km circuit parallel to the Playa Blanca promenade in which the Double Enduroman triathletes will have to complete 32 laps, the Enduroman 16 laps and the Half Enduroman eight laps.

Participants in the Olympic Enduroman event must complete this stage of the race on foot on a 3,33 km circuit in the same area. The difference of this circuit with respect to the previously described one is that the return point will be further away and that the participants will have to go through it three times.

The star test is, without a doubt, the Double Enduroman of Lanzarote, scored by the IUTA and considered the toughest test of those held in Spain because, in addition to the extreme lengths of each section, it has the characteristic that it is " non stop”, without stops. It is already known that the winner of the Double Enduroman Lanzarote in its first edition, the Englishman Paul Thompson, will come to Lanzarote to compete in this modality; veteran French triathlete Guy Rossi, 64 years old; Paralympic triathlete Dominique Benassi, who with only one leg has eight world champion titles in the disabled triathlon, duathlon and quadrathlon category and who in Lanzarote will compete face to face with the rest of the Double Enduroman triathletes; the Lanzarote champion Gregorio Cáceres and the Spanish Robert Mayoral, Toni Payeras and Miguel Basurco, among others.

In the female category of this modality there will undoubtedly be an interesting duel between the British Joanna Carrit, the Valencian Violeta Tatay and the Slovenian Leni Fafangel.


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