Triathlon Villa de Madrid breaks records

The test, which inaugurated the circuit Wild Wolf Triathlon Series by Polar, has doubled the participation regarding the 2012 edition and has become the largest triathlon of the capital in the history of this sport. Of the four distances that each participant could choose, the sprint distance with 750m of swimming, 20km of cycling and 5km of running, has been the most popular with almost an 50% of those registered.



The day of Saturday started with the opening of the fair of the triathlete where the sponsors of the event offered their products. To the Wild Wolf with its technical drinks for sportsmen and Polar with their GPS watches and heart rate monitors, ISDIN added that they presented a novel product for sun protection.


On this first day the races took place super-sprint, sprint y Olympic. All of them went entirely through the House being an authentic popular sports festival and demonstrating that triathlon is available to everyone, with participants from all areas, especially amateurs who participate as a personal challenge.


In the area of ​​exhibitors, the international triathlete Clemente Alonso commented his astonishment at the great growth of the event: "it is impressive how the Villa de Madrid has grown. 3200 people Running a triathlon is something that happens in very few places in Europe and it's a luxury to be able to live here at home ".


The session on Sunday saved the highlight of the day, the mid-distance triathlon with 2000m swimming, 80km cycling and 20km running. In this case the route reached the municipality of Pozuelo de Alarcón by a spectacular cycling circuit on the Castilla road.


The Galician David Castro entered the winner after little more than 4 hours of competition while the last classified spent about 7 hours to cover the same distance.


After this spectacular growth of the Villa de Madrid, the 2014 edition is presented as a firm candidate to become the biggest triathlon in Spain and the organization is already working on the next edition. "We are going to prepare the event to be able to accommodate the growth we expect for next year, we are talking about a great triathlon festival and we will be happy to respond to the great demand for triathlon by the people of Madrid." Mauro Llorens, responsible for the Wild Wolf Triathlon Series by Polar circuit.

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