The video of the Lionel Sanders lactate test

Canadian Lionel Sanders He has published a new video in his preparation for Kona, although this time a bit improvised.

It was a lactate test what trainer David Tilbury-Davis has done on the roller.

In the 52-minute video you can see how different training sections are being done with a target watt sections to finish in the final part at full capacity for 3 '(minute 44:40)

Sanders session

  • 10 'heating at 240 watts
  • 1st part: 1x 6 min, 390 W objective
  • 2st part: 1x 6 min, 440 W objective
  • 3rd part: 1x 3 min, objective 440 w
  • 4th part: 1x 3 min, butt

In the installment of Dissecting Kona, Sanders already let us see how the swimming tests went and Cycling what are you doing in Hawaii

This year he is preparing thoroughly to try to improve his latest participation in Kona.

Will try to get the Slot for Kona in the IRONMAN of St. George

You already know where you will try to get the Slot for IRONMAN World Championship It will be next May 2 at the IRONMAN in St. George, North American Regional Championship, an event that I won in 2019.

There are no previous results.

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