Elche will gather 1.200 triathletes

A little less than a month before the celebration of the VII edition of the Elche triathlon, test called Arenales 113, for the place where it is held and for the kilometers that the participants have to complete, the organization of the Semagrup Elche Triathlon Club finalizes the details so that the test will once again be a success of participation.

That goal has already been achieved since about 1.200 participants will start on Sunday April 10 at the beach of Arenales del Sol. In addition, there is still a week left until the official registration period ends, so the number of athletes it can be even higher.

Among the triathletes who plan to participate in the Elche test, Domenico Passuello, current winner of the race, stands out, who has already confirmed his presence. The Italian will be the rival to beat, although the presence of the Canaries Gregorio Cáceres and Nicholas Peter Ward, as well as the Hispano-Argentine Francisco Pontano, will add more competitiveness to the VII Triathlon of Elche.

In the female category, Saleta Castro, current Spanish Long Distance champion, starts with a certain advantage over her main rivals, which will be Ana Casares and Estefanía Gómez, the latter third in the 2010 edition.

Same route
For this edition, the organization has managed to maintain the layout designed the previous year. Thus, the 1.900 meters of swimming will be held on the beach of Arenales del Sol, while the 90 kilometers of bicycle will pass through the districts of El Altet, Torrellano, Altabix and Saladas, in the direction of Aspe, from where they will return to Elche to get to the Carrús polygon, by the west round, to head towards Matola, and later link with the Vereda de Sendres until returning to Arenales del Sol, where the triathletes must cover the last 21 kilometers of running on foot, before reaching the finish line.


source: http://www.diarioinformacion.com

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