"Eliud Kipchoge is a monster", Martín Fiz's reflection on Eliud Kipchoge's record

Today the 37 year old record holder Eliud Kipchoge has done his thing again beating the world record in the Berlin marathon.

He has done it with a chrono of 2:01:09, lowering 30 seconds the time he had four years ago with an average of 2:52 min/km.

These have been his partials

  • 5 kilometers: 14:14
  • 10K: 28:23 (5K split at 14:09)
  • 15K: 42:33 (5K split at 14:10)
  • 20K: 56:45 (5K split at 14:12)
  • Half Marathon: 59:51
  • 25 kilometers: 1h11:08 (part of 5K in 14:23)
  • 30 kilometers: 1h25:40 (part of 5K in 14:32)
  • 35 kilometers: 1h40:10 (part of 5K in 14:30)
  • 40 kilometers: 1h54:53 (part of 5K in 14:43)
  • Goal: 2h:01:09

Martín Fiz, in his social networks wanted to reflect on his participation

"ItLiud Kipchoge is a monster, a living and active legend. His fuse is inexhaustible. I surrender to his achievements and his way of life.

The secret is none other than his humility, family and talent to run in agony. ".

This is the video where he comments:


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