Mallorca 140.6 Triathlon postponed to 2021

September 25, 2021 has been chosen for its celebration

El Mallorca 140.6 Triathlon, which was to be held in October, represented the return of the long distance to the island of Mallorca.

Now with the postponement of the test to 2021, the September 25th for your celebration

This is the official statement of the organization

Given the current situation worldwide and the uncertainty about when and how we can return to live with a certain normality, including being able to train, travel, and participate in sports events, the organization of the Mallorca 140.6 Triathlon has decided that, out of responsibility with athletes especially, the first edition of the Mallorca 140.6 scheduled for next October 25, and that will finally be held on Saturday September 25, 2021.

The philosophy of this event has always been to return to the origins of this sport, taking maximum care of all the details of a long distance competition, and to pamper the triathletes themselves.

The safety and health of the participants is most important

The uncertainty that is generated in terms of safety and health measures due to the Coronavirus, problems of displacement and closure of hotels, both in the previous preparation and in the coming months, and the impossibility of training properly for such a demanding challenge, motivate the postponement of the inaugural edition to 2021.

«The safety and health of each and every one of our participants and of the people who come to watch the competition are our main concerns.

The logical, honest and responsible thing for us is to provide all the facilities so that the triathletes can present their sports calendar 2020 and 2021 in the best possible way.«, Indicates the director of the test, David Thompson.

Registration will be transferred to 2021 or 100% of the registration will be returned

For all these reasons, the Mallorca140.6 organization will transfer your registration to the 2021 edition or the possibility of requesting a 100% refund of the registration.

We want to send a message of affection, strength and encouragement to our entire community of triathletes and their families for this time that we have left of confinement. We hope to see you soon training and thinking about the next sports goals.

About Mallorca 140.6 Triathlon

Mallorca 140.6 is the name of the long distance triathlon that it will be held again in Playa de Muro in September 2021 after several years without such a test, and that it aspires to become a world reference for amateurs and professionals.

It will be a first class sports event, with the return of one of the most attractive and demanding circuits of all there are in Europe, in an unbeatable natural environment in the bay of Alcudia and a cycling route with perfect conditions and tremendously attractive due to its profile and for the landscape.

The queen distance is named after the total sum of its journey in miles, 140.6, which equals 226 kilometers.

In total, athletes will have to complete 3.800 meters of swimming, 180 kilometers of cycling segment (two laps to a circuit in which it is not allowed to roll in a platoon), and 42.195 meters of running on foot to the finish line in the beach in Alcudia .

Parallel to this long distance, it will be possible to participate in the 'Mallorca 140.6 Half Triathlon', just half the distance of 1.900 meters of swimming, 90 km of cycling and 21 km of running on foot.

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