The fourth place in the Tour de France breaks the Everesting Challenge Record with 7:29

Emmanuel Buchmanfourth last year in the Tour de Francia, has established a new record for Everesting Challenge, uploading a port in Ötztal  with 11,6 km 8 times adding the 8.848 meters of positive difference in altitude.

Buchmann finished the challenge in 7 hours and 29 minutes and 25 seconds  beating the American mountain biking Keegan Swenson, who held the record

Has raised more than € 15.000

The German decided to participate in this challenge with the aim of raising funds for a NGO , trying to raise € 10 for each meter of unevenness overcome

These are your Strava details


  • Distance: 162,19 km
  • Time: 7: 29: 25
  • Accumulated difference: 8.861
  • Average power: 284 W
  • Average speed: 21,7 km / h
  • Average cadence: 78

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