Emilio Aguayo undergoes surgery to remove a benign tumor

Emilio Aguayo, a prominent ANB Triathlon triathlete and prominent figure on the international circuit, has successfully undergone an operation to remove a Benign tumor that has affected him since 2017.  

Aguayo, known for his impressive debut at the IRONMAN in Lanzarote, where he finished 3rd, and for his victory at the IRONMAN in Wisconsin, has faced a road full of obstacles due to this health problem. 

Since his emergence into the long distance, Aguayo has proven to be a high level triathlete, winning the Spanish LD championship at the Tradeinn International Triathlon in Girona last year.  

Behind his achievements, there was hidden a lconstant fight against a “little bug”, as he himself has described: a 6 cm benign tumor in his left leg, a source of recurring injuries and discomfort during his training and competitions. 

Aguayo commented in his social media : 

"We finally have a name and surname for what has been bothering me since 2017, with recurring injuries to the back and inside of my left leg, and last year I was no longer able to do any training without pain or discomfort because of it, due to the size it had (6 x 3.5 x 3.2 cm) 🍅 
All these years I have had an intramuscular myxoma, which is a benign soft tissue tumor. This tumor did not allow all the muscles to work well and caused overload, decompensation, cramps, etc. 
A lot of uncertainty and doubts for months, doing multiple tests to rule out that it was not carcinogenic. But finally, everything is solved and with the “bug” out, now all that remains is to rest, recover and look for my best version again for 2024 (with a few grams less weight and a little more starting in March 🙈 )." 

The operation, carried out this weekend, has been a success, freeing Aguayo from the chains that limited its performance.  

The tumor, a intramuscular myxoma, It significantly affected the functionality of his muscles, causing overloads, decompensations and cramps that kept him from his best form. 

Now, with the tumor removed and the certainty that it is not carcinogenic, Aguayo faces a period of recovery with optimism. 

The triathlete is not only looking to return to optimal shape to compete in 2024 but is also preparing for an equally significant personal event: the arrival of his second child in March. 

The triathlon community has shown its unconditional support for Aguayo during this difficult time.  

His story is a testament to the resilience and determination that characterizes athletes in this sport, serving as an inspiration to those facing their own battles. 

From Triathlon News we wish you a speedy recovery.

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