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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Emilio Aguayo and Patricia Bueno Champions of Spain of Triathlon LD.

Today in Platja D'aro the Spanish Triathlon LD Championship where the victory has been for Emilio Aguayo y Patricia Well

In the male category, Emilio Munoz took the win with a total time of 8:40:09, beating Yannick Matejicek, for just 50 seconds.

The third position and the runner-up went to Víctor Arroyo , who finished the test in 8:43:34. Completed the championship podium Ramón Ejeda.

Men's 10 Top

Job title Athlete Final time
1 Emilio Aguayo Muñoz 8:40:09
2 Yannick Matejicek (L) 8:40:59
3 Victor Arroyo Bugallo 8:43:34
4 Ramon Ejeda Medina 8:53:34
5 Juan Ignacio Villarruel Curra 8:58:00
6 Gotzon Gondra Etxebarria 9:05:05
7 Osoro Gutierrez 9:08:25
8 Jonathan Sanchez Mosquera 9:11:39
9 Nahuel Fabian Silio Ouvrier-Buffet 9:21:58
10 Miguel Angel Fidalgo Rossello 9:23:36

In the female category, Patricia Bueno has been proclaimed champion of Spain. SOnia Tomegros has been second and third Ana Martinez

Top 10 female


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