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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Emilio Aguayo and Sara Pérez win the Fuente Álamo Triathlon

Today the so-called "Triathlon of the Triathletes" has been played with the participation of 1.000 triathletes

The victory competition for S was just a few minutes agoara Pérez with a race "house brand" escaping from swimming, increasing its advantage in the cycling segment and controlling in the race on foot. The second and third places have been for Edymar Brea y Noelia John. While in the male category Emilio Aguayo He has been proclaimed winner after a bike trip and finishing off on foot. Second has been Javier Romo and third Roberto Sanchez Mantecón

The beach of Rihuete dressed up to give the exit of the XXIX National Triathlon Villa de Fuente AlamoWhich was qualifier for the Spanish Triathlon Elite Championship.

First, the women took the start and as always from the first stroke Sara Perez took command of the race, arriving alone at T1 with about 30" over Sara Guerrero who was second and the rest of the triathletes. Sara started the 25 km of cycling without looking back, marked a hard pace from the first few pedals and increasing the advantage with the rest of the chasers. Sara Perez arrived at T2 with more than 1'30” ahead of her pursuers and with everything in her favor to repeat last year's victory. Finally victory for Sara Perez, second in goal was Edymar Brea and third Noelia John.

2018 Alamo Fuente Triathlon Women's Podium

The male elite came out, 15 minutes after the women, with several of the reference names of the National Triathlon as the Valencians Jesús Gomar, Emilio Aguayo o Roberto Sánchez Mantecón and Galician Uxio Abuín. A group of 8 triathletes arrived prominent at the T1, and after getting on the bike, Emilio Aguayo He attacked in the first kilometers, gaining a small advantage. Mediated the sector Emilio Aguayo I was hunted by the young man Javier Romo and the two began the descent of Alto de la Cuesta escaped.

There was good collaboration between the two and they got to the T2 escaped. After a long transition, both begin to run the 5km of foot race, leaving Emilio alone from the first strides in search of victory. Emilio Aguayo the victory is won, followed by Javier Romo and closed the podium Roberto Sanchez Mantecón

Photo Facebok FETRI

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