• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Emilio Martín Champion of Spain of Duathlon 2021

The test has been contested in a time trial format

Today it has been disputed in the city of Avilés (Asturias) Spanish Duathlon Championship elite with the participation of many of the best athletes in the specialty.

The competition that throughout the weekend has gathered 1.400 participants It has been disputed under strict security measures through the FETRI covid-19 protocol.

For example, athletes may only remove the mask at the start, which will be in individual time trial format to put it back on at the finish line.

In the one-hour time frame where there have not been more than 150 athletes at the same time in the circuits and the interpersonal distance in competition will also have to be maintained, risking penalties if groups are seen in the running or cycling race.

The competition consisted of a 5-kilometer running race, a 21-kilometer 2-lap cycling segment and a final 2,5-km race segment.

The test that has had a time trial format has had staggered starts, where finally Emilio Martín has been the fastest (56:15) and has been proclaimed Duathlon Spain Champion 2021.

The second classified has been Genis Grau  (56: 24) and third Fernando Zorrilla (56:28)



Classification Championship Spain Duathlon male 2021
Classification Championship Spain Duathlon male 2021



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