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Emilio Martín Sub-champion of the World of Duathlon in Pontevedra

It was the first test of the 2019 Multideporte Festival in Pontevedra

Today has been disputed in Pontevedra the Duathlon World Championship first test of the 2019 Multisport Festival Pontevedra, With the presence of Emilio Martín  and Antonio Benito in the elite test and of  Javier Martín in sub23 category.

The roster of Spaniards is completed by two veterans, Luismi Martín Berlanas, an Olympian in 3000m obstacles and that to its 47 years it continues being between the best duatletas of our country and Cristóbal García Guillén, with extensive international experience in duathlon and who was the best national qualifier in the 2018 World Championship held in Fyn (Denmark). Young Carlos Oliver y Sergio Correa, were our sub23 representatives. Emilio Martin He has been the duathlon world champion in 2012, 2015 and 2016

As for the favorites at the starting line were the French Choquert, Le Berre and Nicolas, the Hungarian Lazslo Tarnai or the young Belgian Arnaud Dely en sub23.

The test began at 11:30 on the Olympic format (10 km of running, 40 km of cycling and 5 km of running). In the first segment, the duet Benjamin Choquert and Yohan Le Berre were the first to reach T1 with 51 seconds ahead of a group of 8 where Emilio Martín, Javier Martín, Luis Miguel Martín and Antonio Benito were.

In the first laps of the cycling sector the chasing group hunted the two of them head-first, to ride together until the T2 to start the last 5 km of running race through the center of Pontevedra.

Finally the victory has been for the Frenchman Benjamin Choquert with a time of 1: 45: 56, followed by Emilio Martín (1: 46: 10) and for Angelo Vandecastele (1: 46: 11) occupying the third final position.

Javier Martín Morales It has been 8º, Luis Miguel Berlanas 9º, Cristobal García  11º and Antonio Benito 14 º

Marta Pintanel, sub-champion of the World Sub 23 and 7ª in Elite category

The French Sandra Levenez did not give option to his rivals in the Women's Duathlon World Championship that was held this afternoon in Pontevedra and, with a crushing dominion, reissued the title he had already achieved in the 2014 year in the same city. And it has been su sixth gold in our country between Europeans and World accounting for the two from Pontevedra, Gijón, Alcobendas, Ibiza and Soria. The Austrian Sandrina Illes and French Garance Blaut They completed the podium.

After marching in the company of Sandrina Illes during the first ten kilometers of the race, Sandra Levenez made the decisive attack on the bike section. So, not only did she leave the company of the Austrian sportswoman, but she was widening the gap with respect to the rivals until she crossed the finish line alone.

ITu / Sandra Levenez champion World Duathlon pontevedra

Behind, Sandrina Illes was joined by France's Garance Blaut and Marion Legrand during the cycling season. However, at the decisive moment, the Austrian imposed her power in the race to leave behind her companions and hang the silver medal. Blaut finished third.S

Sandra Levenez said after achieving the gold medal that "it is a joy to get the second title of world champion and, as in the previous occasion, it was in Pontevedra. I knew it was going to start very fast, so I preferred to reserve myself to attack on the rise in the bike segment. "

The Venezuelan Edymar Danieli Brea was proclaimed winner of the sub-23 category, while the Spanish Marta Pintanel won the silver medal after crossing the finish line to 32 seconds of the winner. Pintanel signed a race of less to more until finishing in the seventh absolute position.

The Aragonese duatleta claimed to be "very happy after finishing second, because I did not expect it. I found myself very strong on the bike. " The Spanish athlete got, in this way, sign a brilliant performance in which was his debut in a World Championship.

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