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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Emilio Martín and Sara Bonilla Spanish Champions of Duathlon Cros

The second day of competitions in Aguilar de Campoo was carried out by the Spanish Championship of Duathlon Cros

At the 9 in the morning it was the turn of the cadets, junior and paratriathlon, encountering deeds like those of Kini Carrasco (paratriathlete PTS3), who competed in the European Triathlon Championships in Kitzbuhel on Friday, yesterday Saturday at the European Crossover Triathlon Championships, and today he did it again accumulating three medals in three days. Subsequently, the age groups that put the color point from the 20 to the 69 years in all categories entered.

Later, at one in the afternoon, it was the turn of the Elite male and female. The men's competition was dominated from start to finish by the current European champion and two-time duathlon world champion Emilio Martín. The competition had its interesting point, since just before the start nerves seized Jesus de la Morena who had to change the tubular front wheel with a puncture while proceeding to the presentation of the athletes. We could say that saved by the bell managed to arrive on time at the start, and together with Iván Cáceres and Francesc Freixer led the pursuer group after finishing the cycling segment. But again, an error by Jesús de la Morena in the second transition almost cost him the third place. From that moment, in a race under pressure he got enough advantage so that Francesc did not cut him the fifteen seconds he would have to stop in the penalty area. In front, Emilio Martín, with a time of 1: 19: 10, was proclaimed Spanish Champion of Duathlon Cros, followed by Iván Cáceres (1: 20: 25) and own Jesus of the Morena (1: 20: 53).

Women's podium spain duatlon cros championship

In the women's competition practically the same script was followed that in the masculine one. In this case Sara Bonilla dominated from start to finish, and managed to proclaim itself champion of Spain with a time of 1: 33: 47; surpassing in 31 seconds to Merce Tusell and in 8: 38 to Marga Fullana, who took the podium after the disqualification of Noemí Moreno for an irregularity in the second transition.


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