Emilio Martín and Sonia Vázquez Champions of the Andalusian Duathlon

The bets pointed that the III Duathlon of Seville by López de Castro Abogados, who has served as Championship of Andalusia of the specialty, it was going to be a heads-up between Emilio Martín y Sergio Lorenzoand that's the way it has been.



The two Andalusians were favorites to take the victory, not in vain were Top ten in the last World. Finally, the triumph has been for Huelva, which adds step his third consecutive Andalusian Championship.


Both led the test from the beginning and finished the first segment of the race on foot occupying the first two places, with almost two minutes of rent on the pursuer group. On the bicycle they did nothing but strengthen and increase that advantage, which went until three and a half minutes.


The work of Martin and Lorenzo was perfect, and the distance on the peloton was increasing. From the bike they went down together to face the final part of the route on foot, in which the victory would be played. There, the world champion, with extensive experience in athletics, proved to be faster and soon picked his opponent up. Emilio Martin (Wild Wolf-Cidade Lugo) arrived at the finish with 45 seconds ahead of Sergio Lorenzo (ADS-Zambru's bikes). The podium was completed by Sergio Cruz (ADS-Zambru's bikes), who arrived almost five minutes behind the winner.


In the female category, the development of the race presaged that, as in the men's, the winner of last year would also be repeated. María Pujol had it on track and was leader at the end of the first segment, with 1: 33 on María Rojo and 1: 50 on Sonia Vázquez and Rocío Espada. But an inopportune prick forced her to retire.


Behind, Rocío Espada was placed at the head, finishing the sector by bicycle with 12 seconds on Sonia Vázquez. But then the latter would iron out the difference, to reach the leadership and not let go until the goal. Sonia Vázquez (TriMarbella) was proclaimed champion of the Duathlon of Seville and champion of Andalusia, with a minute of advantage over Rocío Espada (ADS-Zambru's bikes). In the third place he finished Isabel Merlos (ADS-Zambru's bikes), eight minutes from the winner.


On the other hand, highlight the important popular participation that the Duathlon of Seville has had, with 700 registered that, together with the large number of public attending the Parque del Alamillo, have made this event a great celebration of Sport.

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