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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Pablo Dapena: "In Challenge Salou there are people of a high level in all sectors, which will make for a very fast race"

Yesterday was held the press conference of professionals with several Spanish triathletes 

The Festival has already started Challenge Salou, where we were yesterday at the press conference, of professionals where the Spanish were Pablo Dapena, Judith Corachán, Saleta Castro y Marcel Zamora as a special guest, directed by Juanan Fernández Race director of Challenge Salou and Quality Manager in Challenge Family.

Judith Corachán winner of last year and Pablo Dapena second and in this 2019 will be his third participation in the test are the head of list of many Spanish professionals who have decided to start the season in Challenge Salou.

Pablo Dapena, second last year and winner of the Challenge Family Bonus with Sebastian Kienle commented on the test “ The circuit is very fast and there are high-level people in all sectors, which will make it very fast. Cesc Godoy will be in the water, we are going to have a hard time (he laughs), by bike he is going to see a lot of level, and many cartridges will be burned and running you have to have a lot of head not to lose the options for victory.

Surely it will be a very fast race, we will have to keep an eye on Nan Oliveras, who will be the fastest in the race on foot. For the victory I see that there are 10 candidates, the test will be very disputed and will not be decided until the end"

Judith Corachán  Last year's winner comes out with the number 1 number " The number does 1 create some pressure, but I'm grateful to take it. The race changes a lot compared to last year, and I will try to give everything to defend that number 1 until the end and fight to revalidate the title of last year"

Meanwhile Saleta Castro, He commented "The truth is that it is a test of Test, in a month I will be in the World Championship of Pontevedra. Start the season with a poster of both levels is a very good point to know in which point of form we are and what things to continue working, so very happy to be here at the start with these professionals of such a high level "

Marcel Zamora, special guest at the wheel, commented "From behind the fence you can see everything very well (he laughs) and the more people the more good the better, since the show will be guaranteed for both girls and boys

Being the first test of the season makes them come to Salou to try themselves, maybe some are not at their best, but what better place to come here "

Challenge Salou will start today Saturday with the dispute of the tests Open Water, Breakfast Run, Junior Challenge and Challenge Women while the test reigns, the Half will be played on Sunday from the 8 in the morning.

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