The second edition of the Ultraking is underway, The Ultraman with 515 kilometers in less than 36 hours

The distance is 10kms swimming, 421kms cycling and 84,4 running

UltraKing It is the definitive long distance test, unique in the world. It's the only one triathlon ultraman distance official non-stop of the world, that is, 515 kilometers in a single stage in less than 36 hours.

The tour is divided as follows: 10kms swimming, 421kms cycling (without drafting) and 84,4 (two marathons) on foot to end the Ascent to the castle of Puebla de Alcocer.

The test, of a non-competitive nature, will take place in Siberia Extremeña and will only bring together 20 participants, who must prove a previous sports experience as well as a current physical state that makes them fit for the challenge.

Ultraking will be played from 3 to 6 October in Puebla de Alcocer / Siruela (Badajoz) and will have a maximum of 20 participants.

They will try to beat a Guiness record

In this second edition, in addition to the best national ultrafondistas, a wide international representation will participate, with athletes coming from Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia and Mexico, where the first female participant comes from, who will try a Guinness record.

Among the athletes that will participate stand out Ricardo Abad as a record man in ultrafund and Edwin Vargas, Hawaii Epic5 winner.

A solidarity event

UltraKing is also a charity event since the money from the registration of the first "finisher" will be donated to the NGO that he decides

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