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They find the corpse of the Portuguese triathlete disappeared in the Miño

The young triathlete was located floating about 500 meters upstream from the area where he sank

According to the Marca newspaper, firefighters from the Portuguese town of Vilanova de Cerveira have located this morning the corpse of young triathlete disappeared floating in the water of the Miño.

The 24-year-old Portuguese triathlete RS disappeared when he was doing the swimming sector in the Amizade Triathlon.

The body was located about 500 meters upstream from the area in which it sank, closer to the Portuguese shore than to the Spanish, where the test had begun.

A Portuguese Navy boat brought the body ashore and the judicial authority gave its approval to be transferred to an anatomical forensic institute, where they will perform an autopsy.

The discovery of the corpse occurred after four days of unsuccessful search in which aerial, aquatic and terrestrial media participated.

Some witnesses say that he suffered an indisposition before starting the test

According to eyewitness accounts, the young triathlete may have suffered an indisposition before sinking in the river. According to these testimonies, as soon as he entered the water, this athlete began to feel difficult and asked for help.

One of the test safety boats approached, but when he was close to the young man, his crewmen saw him sink to the bottom of the river.

I practiced running regularly and wanted to debut in triathlon

Sources consulted by Efe specify that the boy practiced sports regularly, especially a race, but that this was his debut in a triathlon.

The test, called the Amizade Triathlon, in which some 300 athletes registered, consisted, in the modality for adults, in a sector of 750 meters by swimming, another of 20 kilometers by bicycle and a third of 5 kilometers of running race .


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