The Japanese believe it is best to cancel or postpone the Tokyo games.

A survey shows that 80% of the Japanese would choose to cancel or postpone them again.

A survey conducted in that country shows that the 80% of Japanese they think it would be better than they will be postponed or not celebrated the games of Tokyo 2020 which will begin on July 23rd.

In this survey carried out by the Kyodo agency, 80% of the respondents they would choose to cancel or postpone them again.

Japan is going through a critical moment in the Covid-19 pandemic where has declared the health emergency in Tokyo, before him record of infections (They had a peak of 2.500 cases on January 7)

This measure will be in force until at least February 7

The survey published by Marca, reflects that the 35% of participants would prefer to cancel the Olympic appointment while a 44,8% would like to postpone it again.

These figures are higher than previous polls conducted in Japan in recent months.

The most recent ones indicated that about 60% of the Japanese considered that the dates currently set should not be maintained.

There are no previous results.

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