Eneko Llanos points in 2012 to the Triathlon World Championship that takes place in Vitoria

triathlete Eneko Llanos He has just finished the 2011 season with his historic victory in the Ironman of Arizona and is already setting the Long Distance Triathlon World Championship as his goal for next year, to be held in his hometown, Vitoria, in July.

Llanos has undertaken the return trip home from the United States and, in statements to Efe, has explained that his test schedule for the next course is not yet "clear" but he has "a date marked in red" on his calendar and does not it is another than that of July 29, 2012, when the world title will be at stake in Vitoria.

Despite still being nine months away from its celebration, Llanos has not hesitated to describe it as one of the "most important" triathlons of his career and that he is most "excited" to compete in his city.

The test will have a route designed by himself and that serves as his usual training circuit, with a four-kilometre swimming sector, 120 kilometer cycling and a 30-kilometre run.

Eneko finished the season with a historic victory in Arizona achieving a time of less than eight hours and became the second triathlete who managed to lower that barrier in all the events held in the United States.

The man from Vitoria claims to be “on a cloud” after that feat and now, after completing the return trip home, he will face a period of rest to recover his strength after a demanding season.

Source: abc.es

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