Eneko Llanos closes campaign winning Arizona Ironman in less than eight hours

The Alavés Eneko Llanos He closed the season by winning the Arizona Ironman held today, Sunday, in Tempe, United States, achieving a time of less than eight hours of racing.

The vitoriano has finished the race with a time of seven hours, 59 minutes and 38 seconds and becomes the second triathlete in history that ends below the barrier of eight hours in a test of Ironman played in the United States.

Eneko closed the 2011 season with this victory, after a tough fight in the race sector, ahead of Briton Paul Arney, who crossed the finish line with a time of eight hours, one minute and 29 seconds.

This data shows the good form of the Alava in the last round of the competitive calendar and the good preparation he has made for the race.

Llanos has been the strongest and has gone from less to more in the swimming, cycling and running sectors.

The man from Vitoria reached the transition between swimming and cycling in eleventh position, two minutes from the head of the race.

In the cycling route, Llanos has shown that it is the specialty that best dominates because it has begun to surpass rivals to take the leadership of the Ironman in the middle of the cycling sector, surpassing Arney by more than a minute and a half.

Llanos continued his good work on the bicycle and in the final change to get off the two wheels and start the final foot race, he surpassed the Danish Martín Jensen and the local Tim O'Donell by a minute and a half, while Arney lost almost two minutes from the fifth square.

The Alava started weak in the pedestrian race, while Arney exhibited all his strength and chased him at eleven kilometers, from which time they have gone together taking a comfortable advantage over the rest of their rivals.

With the two favorites to the victory at the head of the race, the kilometers were consumed and, in the final section, Eneko burned the ships, distanced the British to less than four thousand meters to the end and rode victorious to the finish line.

Source: .abc.es

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