Eneko Llanos will play on Sunday the "ironman" of Arizona

The Vitorian triathlete Eneko Llanos he hopes to arrive in "good shape" to the test of the "ironman" -long distance triathlon- in Arizona, United States, which he takes place next Sunday.

The Vitorian has stretched the 2011 season with the presence in a race that, in principle, was not in his plans, after competing in the Hawaii Ironman and the XTerra World Championship.

His closeness to the United States encouraged him to play this last ironman of the 2011 season to "end the bad taste in his mouth" left by having to leave the Hawaiian ironman due to stomach problems, he explained to Efe.

Llanos has admitted that he is having a hard time reaching the end of the 2011 campaign, which is proving "long" for him and that he "wants to finish and go home." Despite all this, the triathlete still acknowledges having "strength and desire for this last challenge of the year."

Preparation for the test in Arizona has been "tough" due to training in the last two weeks, but in the days remaining until the test on Sunday is limited to maintenance and "tuning the body ready to arrive in the best conditions ”, he concluded.

Source: .adn.es

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