Eneko Llanos, two months for the big date

triathlete Eneko Llanos continues to prepare for the great event of the World Championship of Ironman in Hawaii which will take place next October 8 in Kona.

Thus, Llanos has spent two months thoroughly preparing this great event with the aim of improving the 7th place that he achieved in the previous edition, but before that, the Vitorian will face the Half ICAN in Mallorca on September 17, as a test prior to the big event.

At the moment, the triathlete sponsored by BH and has closed its first cycle of workouts and now it's time to regain strength. “I have taken the opportunity to rest well and recharge my batteries for the next cycle, which will be a little stronger, and where I will begin to put a little more volume. For now, I like how things are going and the approach we are taking, ”explains Llanos in his Web page.

There are still a couple of months left before Kona and it seems like there is time to prepare physically and psychologically. “Although what I am doing so far seems little to me, I think that September will be a hard month to which I have to arrive full of strength and energy. So I better save a bit now and realize that the hard work will come shortly and I have to be prepared for that moment ”.

Source: Bhtriathlon

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