Eneko Llanos and Ruth Brito auction their IRONMAN Vitoria jumpsuits to buy medical supplies

They donate their monkeys to buy medical supplies

Two of the most beloved triateltas in our country, Ruth Brito y Eneko Llanos have joined the campaign to help sanitary services to be able to buy the much needed material in these days of fighting the Covid-19 coronavirus

For this they will donate the monkeys used by both in the IRONMAN of Vitoria 2019

Eneko took the victory and Ruth Brito was sixth in what was the inaugural appointment of the IRONMAN Vitoria

"We are going to donate these monkeys with all the love in the world so that these funds can reach more people."

You can bid on this website  http://eutsi-goiari.com/Subasta?Id=57

This is a video where they explain the reason for this initiative



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