The criticisms of Joe Skipper, after doing a 325km training in the UK

Is it ethical to do this type of training as a professional in quarantine?

The pandemic of Covid-19 coronavirus in the UK it's also hitting hard,  exceeding 1.000 deaths. 

In this country, it has also established confinement measures, although unlike countries like Spain, it does sports are allowed solo abroad.

Today, it is only allowed to play sports for 1 hour, although at the time it was done there was no such time restriction

The British triathlete Joe Skipper, sixth in Kona, winner of IRONMAN Florida 2019 and New Zealand in 2020, held last Thursday a 325 kilometer training around Norfolk, the city where he lives that has generated a lot of criticism on the Twitter network.

This is his training on Strava:

It all started with comments that he could be transporting the virus (if infected) to new areas, thus threatening the most vulnerable people.

You have complied with current regulations

It should be noted that Skipper did not break any rules: leaving the house alone in the UK is allowed for certain situations such as shopping, going to the doctor, helping vulnerable people or doing some exercise a day, such as running, ride or bike

"Now you can exercise and there is no time limit"

Skipper trained alone and says he "took precautions," taking his own food and only stopped once to drink water, he said.

In addition, he added that there is no set time limit.

Is it ethical to do this type of training as a professional in quarantine?

For an athlete with his characteristics and training, doing such training is not an exaggeration, since competing in IRONMAN tests at a high level requires having a great state of form and preparation

But it can be a bad example for other athletes, since seeing that you can do this type of training, they expose your body to unnecessary stress that can lower your defenses, leaving them vulnerable to the virus.


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