• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

3 Spanish for all in the Ultraman World Championship

In the list of exit representing Spain will be: Marc Puig, Roger Lacaci and Marcos Bonilla We interviewed them!

A total of 16 nationalities will be represented this weekend in this spectacular competition that dates its origins in 1983 and that this year will feature 39 participants. The test will begin this November 24 and end on Sunday 26

El Ultraman World Championship it's a competition of 3 days where the participants have traveled a total distance of 515 kilometers on the Big Island of Hawaii, with an offshore swim segment of 6.2 miles (10 K), 261.4 miles cyclist (421 K) to finish with an ultra marathon of 52.4 miles (84 K), dividing as follows

  • El first day (24 November) will swim 10 kilometers (6,2 miles) and then 144,8 kilometers of cycling (90 miles).
  • El second day (November 25) they will cycle 273,5 kilometers (170 miles).
  • El third and last day (26 November) will run 84,3 kilometers (52,4 miles)

To this feat it is necessary to unite the handicap of finishing each one of the stages in a maximum time determined by the organization, In addition to that, to participate, you have to qualify and make a previous one of the ultraman franchise.

From triatlonnoticias.com we have been able to interview the three triathletes that will participate this 2017 in this feat


Marc Puig

Marc Puig He started in 2013 triathlon at the 25 years old, he had always played roller hockey and was looking for "a change", as he liked to run and swim the triathlon he found a good challenge.

4 podiums in 4 ultraman

"It is essential to have a good coach and time to prepare, it is clear that you have to like to train, because you will have to do a lot and be aware at all times what you are aiming for. Calm and calm are my advice, you have to set small goals because they are very long distances and can be made eternal if you do not plan well, "said Marc Puig.

This 2017 he will make his fifth Ultraman, among his results stands out having won the ultraman of Motril in 2016 and 2017 and two second places in Wales in 2014 and Florida in 2017. He has also completed several long distance triathlons, being the first in Challenge Calella 2013 achieving in Vichy a spectacular mark of 9h23´56´´.



Roger Lacaci


Roger Lacaci He started with his first triathlon at Ironman Lanzarote 2014, and has several long distance races, including Ironman Barcelona, ​​Titan Desert, Andalucía Bike Race and several mountain trails up to 120 km.

"I met the ultraman for videos on the internet, I could not sleep that night"

Hawaii 2017 will be its third ultraman, after competing Moraina (Alicante 2016) and in Florida this year.

"I knew the ultra distance watching videos on the internet, I saw Josef Ajram and I remember that night I could not sleep, I wanted to compete in the race but I had no idea of ​​swimming, I did not have a bike and I did not do more than small runs of 8-10km "Roger declared" Without a bike or anything I signed up for the 2014 at the Lanzarote Ironman "

"My biggest help has always been my coach Carlos Tur, who guided me to achieve my goals until today I am in Hawaii about to start this great dream that is the Ultraman World Championship"



Marcos Bonilla


Marcos Bonilla He is also a veteran of the ULTRADISTANCIA who started the triathlon in the 2005 year with a sprint distance triathlon. He worked as a lifeguard in sports facilities where they were going to train a group of boys who competed in a triathlon team and encouraged him to try this sport.

To this day he has already completed 10 Half among those he remembers with special affection: Ecotrimad, Lisboa, Bola del Mundo, Iberman, DX2 Málaga, Islas Cies .... As well as several tests in long distance Iberman 2013, Barcelona 2014, Lanzarote 2015 and Full Vitoria 2017.

“After my shoulder surgery in 2011 I was afraid to swim long distances, since they had put 7 screws in it and they told me to quit the sport… .I measured myself and promised that I would not only recover… but that I would not stop until get to do the longest triathlon that existed…. When in 2013 I did an Ironman and I found out that a certain Josef Ajram had completed an Ultraman…. I discovered that there was an Ultradistance in Triathlon, and that I had to do an Ultraman if I wanted to do the longest distance in a triathlon. So I started preparing for Canada 2015 and the dream of Hawaii began "

“On a physical level I am not exactly at my best moment. We can say that I am better prepared than in Canada and worse prepared than when I went to Australia last year. In the summer I started a new job and I have hardly had time to train; I urgently needed to work and earn money so I could go to Hawaii, and that has taken up a lot of my time. On the other hand; I see myself very "burned" in the race, which is my favorite sector due to the number of running competitions I have had, this year including the 100K Spanish Championship that was held in Gran Canaria with quite harsh weather conditions"

At the mental level, I'm better than ever!

"…for many reasons; the first and most important; is that I take Eli (my girl) by my side, and having by your side the person you love the most in the world is the greatest reinforcement that an athlete can have. It is also the first year that I have had so many assistants; In my team of assistants apart from Eli there are 2 more friends Rodrigo and Carlos, and that gives a lot of peace of mind, since it is not the same that 2 friends assist you, that 2 unknown volunteers assist you and that you see for the first time and communicate in another language, as it happened to me in Australia. And finally, I already have the experience of other ultraman and that gives a lot of security because you can anticipate possible inconveniences or typical problems that only occur in this type of distance. You know that you will not make the same mistakes as in other years "

More information about Ultraman: http://ultramanlive.com/

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