Interview with Javier Gómez Noya, «I always go out to win; if you don't go out to win, they pass you over »

The Spanish Javier Gómez Noya, double world and European triathlon champion, who this Saturday will be the great attraction in the World Cup test to be held in Madrid, where the leader of the competition arrives, told Efe that he "always" goes out to win and it will do so this weekend.

«I always go out to win; If you don't go out to win, they'll pass you by, ”he explained in a telephone interview with EFE from the Madrid town of Tres Cantos, where he has been concentrating for the last eight days preparing for the Madrid Casa de Campo test, together with his technician - Asturian Omar González- the Galician champion.

Gómez Noya returned to Spain on May 23 after playing with his team (EC Satrouville) a test of the French Grand Prix (which he won, in Dunkirk), to outline the two tests he has this month, which are very important for he: the World Cup in Madrid and the European Championship in Pontevedra, where he will fight, the last weekend of June, for a third continental title.

«I wanted to acclimatize, because the Madrid test always costs me. Maybe because of the height, since I usually train at sea level. This time it seems that there will be less heat than last year and that will do me good. And that the test is held at ten o'clock in the morning, too, ”the double world champion of the Olympic sport who joins swimming with cycling and running on foot, told Efe.

Gómez Noya won the inaugural test of the World Cup, last April in Sydney (Australia), which is worth to enter the leader in Madrid, given that, due to the Fukushima catastrophe, it was postponed until September -after the Great Final of Beijing- and scoring for the World Cup next year, the second race, scheduled a few weeks ago in Yokohama, also in Japan.

“The postponement of Yokohama did not change my plans much either and it did not affect me as much. The one in Madrid is a very important test, because it is the World Cup and it motivates me, but the European is almost more important this time, because it is a race that decides a title and this time it is played in Pontevedra, at home, "he said. Gómez Noya.

“That does not mean that in Madrid he is not going to go out and try to do his best. The objective is to win. I always want to win. Although the level is very high and that will not be easy. But if you don't come out with the idea of ​​winning, you don't win. They go over you », the Ferrolan triathlete born in Basel (Switzerland) 28 years ago told Efe.

«In Madrid I think that they will be, except (the British) Tim Don, all the best. I don't know if thanks to the postponement of Yokohama or not. But practically everyone will be there. And, above all, the (English brothers Alistair and Jonathan) Brownlee stand out, who are the ones who set the level right now. After what I have seen in the last sprint tests in France, I can guarantee you that they are very strong », he declared.

"They are very similar," said Javi, about the English brothers, with whom he shares a team in the French club league.

"Alistair is one point above, but Jonathan is very strong, as he showed last year in London and this one in Sydney (he was second, behind him, in both tests). For me, they are the two big favorites for Saturday in Madrid, ”he told Efe to Gómez Noya, who, starting tomorrow, Wednesday, will already be in the Spanish capital focused on all the events related to the World Cup event.

"The Spaniards do not know how they come, because I have not seen them for a long time, but (the Galician) Iván (Raña, world champion in 2002) has a lot of experience and Madrid motivates him, so he can do it well. He had good races this year and he will surely be there. (The Balearic) Mario (Mola), depending on swimming, can be dangerous. And Ramón (Ejeda), who lives in Madrid, will have extra motivation, "he said.

«In girls, (Gipuzkoa) Ainhoa ​​(Murúa) is at a great level. The circuit is hard and can come in handy. (The Biscayan) Zuriñe (Rodríguez) and (the Madrilenian) Marina (Damlaimcourt) will try to collect points, "said Javi, for whom the Casa de Campo circuit" is one of the toughest in the World Cup. "

«It is hard, especially, because of the eight climbs by bike to the slope of the cable car, about 800 meters. And if it's hot, it will be even harder. Running, on the way 'itches' up; and on the way down. Madrid is more a test of endurance and strength than a fast race. It will be hard, "concluded Gómez Noya.


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