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Interview with Victor del Corral, A thoroughbred training in Madrid

This weekend, on the occasion of the celebration of the Annual Spanish Triathlon Gala, we could count on the presence of Victor del Corral in Madrid, an elite triathlete who, during the year 2011, was tireless in reaping success wherever he went.

Among other titles obtained during the past year, highlighting his first podium positions in the Cros Triathlon European Championship, XTerra France and Alpe d'Huez LD Triathlon, as well as his second places in the Duathlon European and World Championships, this last celebrated last September in Gijón. With the discretion that accompanies him wherever he goes and his eternal smile, we were able to share a few minutes with him during his running training at the Casa de Campo in Madrid

Victor, how are you? How is this year presented and what are the objectives for 2012?

I feel good, with strength. This year my coach is Santi Pellejero, when we made the planning we modified part of my objectives with respect to the previous year. In the long run I would like to focus on the long distance. Today I feel that the training sessions are paying off for the sensations I have, but we will have to wait for the competition.

It is true that sometimes it is difficult to do a competition planning, because I enjoy competing and I always want more, but you have to be objective and define a calendar. Focusing a little more than other years on the Long Distance this year I will start the season in France competing with the Marville Triathlon Club team in GP Duathlon France, at the end of March.

During the month of April I will take part of the Half Challenge Fuerteventura to get to May than Lanzarote, where I currently reside, and will host one more year its already mythical "IronMan of Lanzarote", Another mythical one will take me to Zarautz In the month of June. Then Half Altriman, European Cros Triathlon Championship, Alpe D'Huez, Embrunman, Nancy Duathlon World Cup, Xterra WC Maui… And well, perhaps the Spanish Cros Triathlon Championship and some event that remains to be defined.

Interview with Victor del Corral, A thoroughbred training in Madrid

What are the training sessions like on the Island of Lanzarote, where you currently live within the complex? Sands Beach?

Life in Lanzarote is very calm, this comes in handy to be able to focus on the goals set and complete the training sessions. Within the complex there are many athletes, this helps when sharing experiences and different sessions, especially in cycling. In addition, this island meets the requirements for pre-season training, good weather, roads for long bike runs and awareness of the sport.

And how are you training with the wind?

In general it is easy to carry, you get used to it, you know that sometimes you will have it in favor, and others against it, so it is about despairing when you have it against and taking advantage when you have it in favor. An important issue is knowing how to measure training results with this variable, since it is according to what wind conditions there are to adapt the rhythms and intensities, since these are not normally planned for these conditions.

For a few months you have been maintaining an ovo-dairy-vegetarian diet, do you think diet influences training and results?

Yes, I started about half a year ago. At the end of the 2011 season I was reading about this diet and I thought, Why not try it? A few days later I told my nutritionist, Sandra Sardina, and after evaluating it, we decided to start with it. My feelings are good, at the level of digestion I feel better, I have also lost a little weight, probably not eating meat I eat a little less fat. In training my results are as expected, my analytics are good to this day and I feel strong, so I am happy with this decision.

During international competitions, you always look very calm. How do you do it? Do you have a trick?

I like triathlon and I like to enjoy sports and competition.
Of course, whenever you go out, you go out to win, but I always think that the important thing is not to achieve first place but to do everything in your power to achieve the maximum of you, if I am satisfied with my performance I am happy with the result, regardless of position.

I think it is very important above all to know how to enjoy the competition, and to be clear that being nervous, or under very high self pressure, we will perform less

After this interview, on Monday morning Victor del Corral, went to the High Performance Center of Madrid, CAR, to carry out different tests: electrocardiogram, echo cardiogram, anthropometry, plantar dynamics, locomotor system and stress test on a treadmill "The truth is that I think everything went well, the sensations have been good in the stress test, but for a few days to give me the results, I will not know for sure! "

We can only wish Victor good luck in his exploits and that he continue as before, reaping successes and enjoying the Triathlon.

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