Make "Challenge" your own challenge, interview with Paratriathlete Ramón Arroyo

Challenge Barcelona it is becoming day by day a test where every day more athletes arrive in search of overcoming their own personal challenges. Far beyond a sporting event itself, CHALLENGE It is an unforgettable experience: one before and one after. Challenge is as simple as an opportunity to prove to yourself that "To want is power" and that the power of the mind has no limits.



Ramón Arroyo, Paratriathlete TRI3 with Multiple sclerosis for 10 years that the next October 06 will participate in Challenge, is the clear image of it "I started practicing Triathlon in 2009, a colleague insisted on how fun it was so I decided to search the internet for the possibility of combining it with multiple sclerosis, and I saw that yes, it was possible and that a certain Diego Velazquez I already did it. I said to myself, why not? And I started riding a bike and competing in small distances. I was lucky and I found a great club, Marlins Triathlon Madrid, that made me feel in family as well as showing me a great sports atmosphere in competitions ... and started this new way "


"For me triathlon is a very complete sport, and in my particular case a very good therapy for MS, since I have to train daily and work while stimulating all muscle groups: a multidisciplinary sport very beneficial for everyone who practice it. I take advantage of every moment, unfortunately I do not know how my body will respond within a year, sometimes they ask me Why Challenge? And I say BECAUSE TODAY I CAN"


 "Triathlon gives me a huge personal satisfaction, thanks to the effort I make and the results I feel I can do whatever I set out to do, now I have realized that the power of the mind has no limits. If you want to do CHALLENGE, DO IT"


"On a physical level, the training gives me activation and makes me feel physically and mentally more prepared to fit the day to day of my illness. On a personal level, completing my first long distance triathlon, in this case Challenge, is a challenge with which I am very motivated "


"I've been doing triathlons for a long time now, but this year, after 10 living with the disease every day, I decided it was time to consider this challenge. The decision was easy, I know Challenge through magazines, internet and clubmates who have already participated. When I thought about it, I did not feel like experimenting, now there are many long triathlons, but Challenge is a safe bet: Consolidated, good weather, well organized, good provisioning and good circuit to debut and meet a challenge "



Ramón Arroyo is a clear example of overcoming and the vivid image that you just have to have a clear challenge to fight for it and get it. The Madrid triathlete also collaborates with private fundraising projects for research in Multiple Sclerosis Spain. The phrase that is recorded of that doctor who told him "You will not be able to run more than 200 meters" has led him to make the leap to the Long Distance "We can not allow anyone to tell us that we can not do something, but above all we are the ones who do not have to allow it. If you want you can. If you have a challenge, do it "





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