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Interview with the cook Iñigo Urrechu and the Decarironman of 57 years Roberto Lendaro

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We know first hand the "secret" ingredients of the vegan bars of the renowned Basque chef

Roberto Lendaro, "The man decaironman" shares with us the table after having completed this hard test to his 57 years, Iñigo Urrechu is a renowned businessman with 4 prestigious restaurants in Madrid, who also combines his demanding work with his family life and his passion for sports.

Roberto Lendaro, has just completed the Decaironman of Mexico to your 57 years of age. One of the few athletes in the world who has also successfully completed the Dobledeaironman (20 triathlons in IM distance followed)

From Triathlon News we approach the Urrechu Velázquez Restaurant, located in the 150 number of this same street, where we could interview them, in addition to knowing the "secret" ingredients of the vegan bars of the Basque chef.

Interview Iñigo Urrechu Roberto Lendaro

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