Interview with Xavier Boneta, fourth at TriGrandPrix UK

Here you have an interview with the triathlete Xavi Boneta fourth in the first TriGranPrix triathlon in the UK.

You will run the entire TriGrandPrix Championship. A perfect opportunity to visit 6 spectacular cities and gain media coverage. How do you face the first two stages? (UK and Zarautz)

With great enthusiasm, I am aware that both in the UK and in Zarautz there is a level comparable to a world cup. For me it is already a prize to be able to compete with all these Cracks and this makes me even more want to go out and give everything from the starting gun.

What do you think of the Emberton Park national park?

The site is amazing. The truth is that I was very surprised. It is an ideal place both to do a competition and to spend a good day in nature. The lake is quite large and the best thing is to be able to run on fast terrain like this and very comfortable for the knees.

90kms on the left side of the road and with 60 kms / hr of wind. How did you experience it?

okay hehe!! Last year I already ran the UK TriGrandPrix and already had some experience. What happens is that when you are focused on the race, the inertia, especially in the roundabouts, makes you go to the right and deconcentrates a bit. But the truth is that I felt very strong and I was able to keep the distance between Jonathan Hotchkiss and me of approximately 3 minutes.

800 points in the first TriGrandPrix. How do you approach the stage 2 BH Zarauzko Triatloia?

The truth is that I did not expect to have such good feelings in the race. It was my third race of the year but I wanted to go full throttle from minute one so I could try to stay ahead. The days before the race, after the Catalunya championship, I had recovered quite well and on the bike I felt very good. I had prepared the bike in Fontromeu (France) riding with Flecha, Boonen, Hermida and I think that was what helped me to go so well.

With an imminent increase in races, because you bet on the TriGrandPrix circuit?

Last year I went to the UK with TriGrandPrix and the attention was really personalized and very special. In 2010 I was able to verify that the TriGrandPrix team is very much for and for the runners, the truth is that you do not lack anything and this usually comes in handy especially before competing. The experience in the UK has been unbeatable and now in Zarautz it will surely be spectacular. Then I really want to race the tough Aritzaleku circuit and then go to Kilkenny Castle in Ireland, race the spectacular Valencia circuit and close the championship in Socoa. It will be a fun, beautiful and very comfortable circuit to do having the opportunity to meet many people and combine distances.

See you in Zarautz!

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