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Fernando Alarza: "When I return to competitions it will be to win, and if I'm not here I'll step aside"

Fernando Alarza speaks for the first time after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Nine months after the JJ.OO. and on the occasion of the presentation of the new Austral line for the Triarmada and the Paratriarmada the next two seasons we have been with Fernando Alarza, that he had not spoken to anyone after the Tokyo Olympics that were held in the Japanese capital last July 2021.

Fernando returns to the world of triathlon after a global pandemic, Covid 19, a time of some uncertainty and adding an Olympic Games where he gave everything.

The Talavera us evaluate your performance the day of the competition in the Games, for him one of the best races of his life.

 And also He tells us about his plans for 2022, a calmer year for him competitively and that he takes it as a sabbatical to be able to concentrate on his family and his professional future, become a National Police.

Fernando told us that he will return to competitions but as long as he can be a champion or fight for the podiums, and if it will not facilitate the passage to the youngest.

He is also willing to teach them and transmit all the experiences that the sport has given him, planning to go as coach of the Spanish triathlon team to the European Cup in Olsztyn, Poland, at the end of this month.

Fernando Alarza had not spoken since the end of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, and started talking about that day with us "When we finished the Games test, for my part, the truth is that I was quite happy because analyzing the performance was the best I could do that day, even in terms of data it was the best race of my life".

Then he asked us how his life is going to be from now on, “I have to start setting new goals for myself in the future because this is not forever and you have to have something beyond. In my planning for this season, 2021 would be a quieter sabbatical year before everything from Covid happened and I had to postpone it to this year 2022.

And this moment has come, making the decision has cost me but not as much as I thought it would cost me, perhaps I was already too saturated and it was an easy decision and I have been able to focus on something that I wanted since I was little. My passion had always been to be a National Police"

About his return to triathlon, he says something very clear "I will continue doing international races as long as I can be on the world circuit but I consider myself a winner and the moment I do not see myself as a winner on the world circuit, I will give up, I will not be there until they kick me out.

If I think that by stepping aside I'm going to help the team continue to grow, I'll do it without a problem".

In addition, he trusts the current generation a lot and shares encouraging words about the triathlete Antonio Serrat, currently number 1 in the world ranking, who at the age of 27 begins his season in the Yokohama world series next Saturday, May 14 “cI blindly trust Serrat, the only thing Serri needs is to touch the medal.

The moment you touch the medal it seems that you lose like that fear of winning and I think Serri has it".

Finally, as a scoop, he tells us excited that he is already scheduled to go as coach of the Spanish triathlon team to the European Cup in Olsztyn, Poland to try to transmit all his experience to the boys "As a coach I want to contribute many things, to know the needs that the athlete may have before he asks for it, after so many years competing and traveling, I really know what the athlete wants".

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