Interview Iván Raña: «When we compete again the level will be very high»

The Galician triathlete reviews his career in TPD

Iván Raña was the first Spanish triathlete to be proclaimed world champion.

Since 2002 in Cancun, when he reached the top, he can boast of having been a pioneer in a sport that has given us many joys: «Getting it was the most beautiful image of my sports career«.

He defines himself as a free man, because he struggles every day not to typecast himself:

«I really like sports and I have always struggled to do what I wanted. I have fought to be in the elite and now I continue to motivate myself because I like to make small changes so as not to pigeonhole myself ».

Continue with the same illusion

At 41, he has confessed in TDP at home he still has the same illusion when he gets up in the morning.

The Covid has made the IRONMAN races very stopped: «These months that I have not been able to compete or train I have erased them. It has been a kind of recovery.

The first day I went cycling I felt very good because my body had regenerated. When we return to compete the level will be very high«.

Dream about running a Dakar

Passionate about the world of rallying, he does not rule out running a Dakar at some point in his life: «Running rallies helps me focus when I do triathlon, especially in certain moments of tension«.

Galician by birth, Raña spends most of his time training in Lanzarote. «There I have found the ideal conditions to be able to train at ease. For me, it's like when I go to the Blume. I have all the facilities », Explica.

He likes to run barefoot

And, curious, he likes to run barefoot: «Despite the fact that sometimes I have been called crazy for doing it, it benefits me because technically everything is much finer, since you roll and do not hit the ground«.

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