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Carlos López Interview: «My main objective this season is to compete again as in 2017

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The Spanish long distance champion in 2015 managed to qualify for the World Cup in Hawaii, but could not compete to be run over by a car days before while training on bicycles.

 The Balearic triathlete Carlos López achieved one of the great milestones of the Spanish triathlon, qualify for the World Cup Hawaii Ironman as a PRO with the KPR system being a triathlete who combines training and competitions with his work as a commercial of surgical material. 

Thanks to the victory in Ironman of Mallorca 2016 Carlos had serious options to qualify for Kona last year and he did it, thanks to being 12º in the Ironman from Fankfurt where was the best Spanish and get a brilliant 4ª square in the IM from Hamburg.

With all the points added between the three competitions Carlos López he managed to qualify to compete in "Mecca" of the triathlon, but unfortunately he could not do it, because a few weeks before while training on a bike he suffered a serious outrage by a car that rammed him causing multiple injuries that did not allow him to fulfill his dream.

 Then we can know a little better how his season has been, what were his best moments. Also your favorite places to compete and next year's goals.  

2017 Summary:

Well the 2017 has not been all bad. I would say very hard in every way. Disappointed, to say something, of not being able to fulfill my dream in Kona.


Llucmayor Swimming Club

Carlos López on BTT


Gomila, Airstreeem, Austral, ViVa Hotels, Biofrutal, Odeclass, Skechers, Alcudia Sport Gym, Prototype, Sokers Lovers and Spiuk


Carles Tur

Best competition:

Vitoria and Zarautz

Hardest competition or most difficult moment:

IM Frankfurt

Better swimming:

IM Mallorca 2016

Better cycling:

IM Mallorca 2016

Mejor carrera on foot:

IM Hamburg 2017

Favorite swimming:

Any place in Mallorca

Preferred cycling:

The hardest possible always

Favorite running race:

Any. My weak point and I pass it "camitas" always

Best hobby:

the Basque Country

Carlos López and his family

O2018 goals:

Regain the level of the 2017 and be able to compete normally. After the 18 / 9 / 17 accident I will not be able to run on foot until March.

Race that you would like to run in 2018 that you have not been able to run yet:

Embruman and Challenge Madrid

A wish for 2018:

Health and being able to enjoy the family every day

 Photos provided by Carlos López.

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