Interview with Pakillo Fernández-Cortés: "Orihuela is a different Half, where once you've been bitten by the A300w virus, it's impossible not to repeat it again"

Pakillo Fernández-Cortés will be at the start of the Triathlon of Orihuela Miguel Hernández the next second round of the NDS 2018 circuit

Pakillo got the 2 position last year in the Valencia 113 Triathlon, test also belonging to the 2018 No Drafting Series circuit. He also won the Salamanca Triathlon. He currently resides in Toledo and belongs to the Trampolin Triathlon club, his coach is Iván Raña.  

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You choose the Orihuela MH Triathlon to start the 2018 season. What is the reason?

As a first reason I must emphasize the friendship that unites me with its organizer Ximo Rubert. A passionate of this sport and at the same time generous with all the athletes who come to their tests, on the other hand his predecessor Arenales Triathlon 113, was my first important test of each season and now in Orihuela with a harder and selective circuit it does that be more attractive yet.

Last year you could not finish the test, what happened to you?

Last year after leaving at 2ª position of the water and staying in top positions you have the km.45, I ran out of gas. The previous months for various reasons I could not do the preparation required by the tests of this level.

Pakillo in the cycling sector

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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

How are the circuits? What could you stand out in each segment?

Swimming is quite entertaining as it only swims in one direction, with a lot of waves and swimming parallel to the coast makes this sector more interesting. As for the bike, it is a hard circuit that is fast and deceptive, making this sector a key moment for the development of the race, gaining more importance than in other occasions. The race on foot, runs through the center of the city, which makes it more colorful while entertaining.

Orihuela is a proven test, with the guarantee of the organizer a300w. You are well aware of them ... what do these tests have organized by a300w? What guarantees and security do they offer?

For me, the word A300w is synonymous with success, after several years attending its events, whether it be half distance or Olympic distance, I must emphasize first and foremost the safety, the environment and the exquisite organization on the part of Ximo and his team. The A300w races are a guarantee of success in terms of the development of the race since they have always had everything tied before them.

There are people who are thinking about running in the Orihuela Triathlon and have not decided yet. How can we encourage them to do it?

Orihuela is a different Half, where once the A300w virus has bitten you, it is impossible not to repeat it again. Safety, good atmosphere, the level of the test and the circuit are the claim that the triathlete, both popular and elite, needs to exist at an event of this category with an affordable price for all.

Pakillo entering Meta

PLastly we would like to know after Orihuela, what are your next goals this season.

This year is being a year of many changes for me. The help of my friend Iván Raña in my preparation and in my way of planning the season, is one of the main changes. Another type of work, another different method, a renewed mentality and enthusiasm make my goals ambitious and difficult, as the main objective is the Ironman of Lanzarote 2018.

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